Sydney Running Clubs

Be a Better Runner

Be a Better Runner Improve your form, master efficiency and go further faster!!  Make no mistake, to run well is a skill! Those who make it look easy very rarely started out that way, but have reaped the rewards of applying diligence with their technique and practicing...

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Bike Training for Triathlon

Breakthrough Performance Training

Breakthrough Performance Training Smash through your plateau and race your best With our personalised Breakthrough Performance Program. A special program designed for 15-16 weeks of training to get you across the finish line of Ironman Western Sydney 70.3, fitter, faster and better. See below for further details. Train for the Ironman...

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Triathlon Training

Eat Clean to Stay lean

Eat Clean to Stay lean Simple Nutrition tips for the endurance athlete Probably like a lot of endurance coaches I get tons of questions around nutrition and eating well when training and racing. In fact, after training advice it would be the next biggest topic. So, I...

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Athlete Spotlight – Katie Greenfield

Athlete Spotlight - Katie Greenfield Performance by 3 Athlete Katie Greenfield wins AG at Cairns Ironman, sets a new PB and is off to Kona Like any coach I enjoy working with committed athletes that are looking for a breakthrough. Endurance racing is often a cruel mistress...

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