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Triathlon Training Program

Performance by 3 is a leader in the coaching of endurance athletes! We pride ourselves on a personal coaching service dedicated to improving the results from its hard working athletes specially for Triathlon Training Program.

Our squad environment with 9 – 10 sessions per week is ideally suited to those that enjoy training with specificity, with hands on coaching, an eye on technical development, and being pushed with likeminded athletes. The squad sessions are focused and specific towards upcoming racing and are individualised as such with key targets in mind.

Because of our commitment to bettering athletes that are on programs, there remain only a limited number of squad positions as this ensures the integrity of these sessions and the feedback needed. The squad athlete is highly motivated and invested in a quality training approach with an eye to working as a part of a team. The squad sessions are ideal for those who may have another coach or are self-coached and are looking for hands on direction and guidance in a supportive team based environment.

Squad Training 2018

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