Eat Clean to Stay lean

Simple Nutrition tips for the endurance athlete Probably like a lot of endurance coaches I get tons of questions around nutrition and eating well when training and racing. In fact, after training advice it would be the next biggest topic. So, I thought I would pen...

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Athlete Spotlight – Katie Greenfield

Performance by 3 Athlete Katie Greenfield wins AG at Cairns Ironman, sets a new PB and is off to Kona Like any coach I enjoy working with committed athletes that are looking for a breakthrough. Endurance racing is often a cruel mistress and the hardest thing...

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Mastering Swim Technique

Mastering Swim Mechanics

Such a great photo here of Kempy in action, who for a little guy (5’7”) just pulls so much water and consistently is front pack out of the water. Whilst it is only a snapshot it is indicative of so many key things that we...

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