PB3 is a bespoke triathlon and multisport coaching service suited to driven and motivated athletes looking to train towards a goal event with like minded people. The tight-knit squad from all corners of the globe, enjoys continued success due to the collaborative and supportive environment and a culture that supports and nurtures both the aspiring age grouper through to the seasoned professional. It is a training environment suited to anyone willing to learn and grow, and put in the hard yards necessary to improve and satisfy their competitive drive. Typically, athletes compete across all distances of swim, bike and run, triathlon and all forms of endurance racing with a focus on competing at the biggest worldwide events such as the IRONMAN World Championships and 70.3 World Championships, all of the ABBOT Marathon majors, multi stage bike races. Lifestyle balance whilst training and competing at the biggest events is possible with great guidance and programming.


Performance Coaching


Performance coaching involves a commitment from both athlete and coach and is by application only. Training and racing endurance events is both simple and complicated, the premise is simple but there are many pitfalls on the way to success and much to learn to hone your craft. Great coaching aims to cut years off the trial and error suffered by many athletes. Therefore, the purpose of the Performance program is to provide you with the advice and tools necessary to achieve a better performance than you could manage yourself. With the benefit of our advice, guidance, programming and years of experience, we will guide you to better results while avoiding many of the common pitfalls of endurance training like overuse injuries, poor nutrition and poor daily planning. Important factors to consider with your training and your schedule, will be how you will manage the training stress while managing normal daily life and the myriad of other commitments that deserve just as much attention. This is the difficult balance that all endurance athletes face and will be one of the important core things to address immediately. It has been my honour to work closely with some amazing athletes all over the World. This sort of dedicated coaching is only as successful as the amount of communication back and forth, and as such this is a vital cornerstone for the way I coach. My focus is to provide everything for the goal-oriented athlete that is highly self-motivated to achieve excellence towards their key event.

Crucial to commencing with Performance Coaching, is your goal. It is most often an upcoming race but doesn’t have to be. It just has to create passion in you, that then we control and help direct towards improvement.

Performance coaching utilises all of our resources and involves:

Comprehensive detailed and personalised programming and analysis towards your key event
Detailed race planning with power, pace and HR guidelines
Priority discount on lactate testing, INSCYD testing and Camps
Technique video analysis for swim / bike / run
Nutrition advice (general) and race nutrition advice (specific)
Assistance with gear selection
Fortnightly Zoom chats to review training schedule
Unlimited phone and email access to Coach
Online access to members only portal

Price - $275 p/m (minimum 3-month commitment)