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Triathlon Coaching

PB3 is a bespoke triathlon coaching service suited to driven and motivated athletes looking to train towards a goal event with like minded people. Programming and squad sessions are specifically tailored towards athletes that are training towards upcoming goal events such as the 70.3 and IM World Championships.

The squad enjoys continued success due to the collaborative and supportive environment and a culture that supports and nurtures both the aspiring age grouper through to the seasoned professional. It is a  training environment suited to anyone willing to put in the hard yards necessary to improve and satisfy their competitive drive. Our athletes compete across all distances of triathlon and regularly compete in distance events encompassing all three sports, successfully qualifying for such events as the Boston Marathon amongst others.

Squad training options 

1 sport $80 per month

2 sports $150 per month

3 sports $180 per month

We are proud members and supporters of Eastern Suburbs Triathlon Club and are strong advocates for the support of our State and National Triathlon bodies through annual membership.

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Just a massive congrats on getting me, what I think was, a PB for me at Sunshine Coast. I have done so many of these races now I can’t quite confirm what my best  time is, but I can tell you this much, I have never ridden under 2.35 and then run 1.33 off that, so I am 99% sure it is.

The program just gets better and better and all the little things that you offer now (turbo, adding in strength sessions, maximising TP, advice on just about everything) all makes such a difference. My first Half was at Yeppoon QLD in probably 1998 or something. You were there too. Flatted I recall … can’t remember. I can’t really remember how we trained back then either, but I am sure it was nothing compared to what we do now. I have witnessed you become a good coach turn in to a brilliant coach with a squad ethic you should be proud of.

— Sally ‘Super Woman’ Taggart

Performance Program

Performance Coaching
$300 per month

Our Performance program is targeted at exactly that – increasing your performance. On commencing, it assumes that you bring commitment, passion and a willingness to work in a team environment that thrives on bettering performance. We strive to leave no stone unturned in developing better technique and expertise across all disciplines. A limited amount of athletes are taken on each season to ensure full support from your Coach. It is not just about being faster, it is about being smarter in every facet of your training!

Race Programming
$250 per month

You can refer to our online page (coming soon) for a more detailed view, but this is tailored towards the highly motivated individual that cannot attend face to face coaching sessions that needs the help, advice and programming specifics towards a goal race. Each season we work closely with athletes all over the World.

Online & Correspondence Coaching
Cost dependent on race

Just want to use one of our highly successful programs? Train by yourself and reap the benefits of a detailed program that is individually tailored towards your circumstances. We have programs for everything from 10k road races, 250km one-day cycling classics, marathons, and of course, all triathlon distances. Get it designed particularly towards the rigors of your event. We currently have programs ready to go for events like: Noosa Olympic distance triathlon; New York Marathon; Western Sydney 70.3; Busselton Ironman; Melbourne Ironman

All you need is a free Training Peaks account and you are ready to go!

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