16 Weeks 70.3 Ironman plan for Advanced athletes

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— $149 USD

This plan is based on you having a breakthrough race or PB. Commitment is a prerequisite! If you are unsure about your ability to follow this plan feel free to reach out and discuss via email at [email protected] – I consider your racing success to be my coaching success!

This plan is specific towards the athlete developing a new level of fitness. It is an 16 week plan that is geared towards a breakthrough race and as such is suitable more for the athlete that is experienced at training and racing. Because this plan is geared towards success, I provide support and initial customisation of this plan so that you can start knowing that it will work in with your other commitments such as family and work.

The beginning of the plan assumes a base level of fitness and will also assume the athlete has the commitment to train for 12 – 17 hours per week. It is progressive in load and has key marker sets along the way to map progress. The ideal candidate for this plan is an athlete that may have plateaued and is looking for the structure to perform at their very best on race day. No stone is left unturned, and if sessions are followed the athlete will be extremely confident on race day. Email support is available if required.

This program utilises Training Peaks structured workouts that align intensity with your individual pace and power zones. Therefore, although a power meter is not a must, to get the best out of this program it is strongly advised, as is a running watch that will give you pacing feedback.

Enjoy, have a great race.